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Bloggen is back! Jippii! Så låtom oss omgående ladda upp dessa bilder, från ett ganska fantastiskt bröllop föregående veckoslut. Vassego!


One week ago. In a galaxy far far away….
Or so it almost seems, so different, so beautiful was this last wedding I had the honour of photographing.
It was a cocktail of something Finnish, something Scottish, of archipelagian views, of the sea and the sky. Of a beach ceremony, where the last strokes of rain decided to eff off right before the music started, the sun suddenly a-blazing bright.
It was a veil that didn’t quite want to stay put, it was a bride and groom so crazy about each other that I for the first time ever have photos from the portrait session that are probably for their eyes only.
It was delicious food, a dessert that was put together right then and there by the bride, the bestman and her husband. It was an impromptu dance, a sing song, a little bit of playing around, some heartfelt, emotional speeches and then a roaring thunder.

When the world was dark, all there was left to do was jump into the warm palju, risking the lower limbs in the freezing pool and exhaling ever so slightly.

All this was Carin’s and Derek’s wedding.
Wow. Just wow.

Tusen tack and a thousand thank you’s for having me there to document your day. It was a pleasure indeed.

_DSC2139web DSC_9217web _DSC2248web _DSC2257web _DSC2272web _DSC2285web _DSC2291web DSC_9226web _DSC2310web _DSC2340web _DSC2357web_DSC2362web _DSC2364web _DSC2397web DSC_9239web _DSC2402web _DSC2403web _DSC2412web _DSC2428web _DSC2440web _DSC2448web DSC_9246web DSC_9256web DSC_9261web DSC_9264web _DSC2470web _DSC2479web _DSC2481web _DSC2486web _DSC2490web _DSC2492web _DSC2494web DSC_9265web _DSC2500web _DSC2507web _DSC2512web _DSC2515web _DSC2525web _DSC2530web DSC_9270web _DSC2544web _DSC2547web _DSC2567web _DSC2573web _DSC2578web _DSC2587web _DSC2597web _DSC2602web DSC_9278web DSC_9280web _DSC2611web DSC_9288web _DSC2652web _DSC2676web _DSC2679web _DSC2690web _DSC2707web _DSC2716web _DSC2725web DSC_9430web _DSC2754web _DSC2765web _DSC2791web _DSC2821web _DSC2859web _DSC2868web _DSC2893web _DSC2903web _DSC2968web _DSC2977web _DSC2994web _DSC3032web _DSC3062web_DSC3079web _DSC3088web _DSC3111web _DSC3134web _DSC3151web _DSC3153web _DSC3158web _DSC3163web _DSC3165web _DSC3169web _DSC3210web _DSC3228web _DSC3256web _DSC3276web _DSC3283web _DSC3290web _DSC3301web _DSC3305web DSC_9485web _DSC3322web _DSC3342web DSC_9496web DSC_9504web DSC_9505web DSC_9510web _DSC3388web DSC_9516web _DSC3397web _DSC3406web _DSC3411web _DSC3423web _DSC3424web DSC_9523web DSC_9526web DSC_9533web _DSC3439web _DSC3443web DSC_9550web _DSC3457web DSC_9556web _DSC3462web _DSC3466web DSC_9567web DSC_9574web DSC_9578web _DSC3481web DSC_9598web _DSC3500web _DSC3502web _DSC3503web _DSC3509web _DSC3511web _DSC3519web _DSC3534web _DSC3537web _DSC3541web_DSC3563web _DSC3568web _DSC3582web DSC_9629web DSC_9646web DSC_9655web DSC_9659web _DSC3626web DSC_9686web DSC_9696web DSC_9719web DSC_9721web DSC_9722web DSC_9738web DSC_9743web DSC_9757web DSC_9760web DSC_9767web DSC_9773web DSC_9784web DSC_9790web DSC_9796web DSC_9808web DSC_9813web DSC_9814web


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